New generation of press sorters of John Deere

John Deere represents new generation of rolled press sorters with the camera of pressing of constant volume. The F441M model will be delivered in versions for a silo and for the mixed cultures. All models of the F441 series possess wider camera of the press sorter increased from 1,17 to 1,21 m that automatically involves increase in mass of a roll.

F441M press sorters for the mixed cultures and for a silo are developed for application on livestock farms of the average size.

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The new F441M John Deere model represents more available decision combining productivity and reliability for farmers who need one multi-purpose press sorter. Intended for work with cultures in any state — from damp to very dry, the model for the mixed cultures is equipped with the new system of packing in a grid and the lock of a door of the pressing camera of a new design.

At completion of a design of press sorters of the F441 series development engineers of John Deere have concentrated the attention on increase in universality and reliability. As a result sorters have been strengthened by the wearproof steel plates of Hardox strengthened by driving chains, material of rollers of the pressing camera has been strengthened, bearings of the increased standard size are installed and protection of consolidations is improved. These improvements will allow press sorters to remove 95 percent of vegetable weight, reaching the maximum limits of productivity.

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