Selecting the Mountain Bike to Exchange an Electric Bike

I had actually been attempting to be (overly) thrifty, and initially decided to install the mid drive kit on my old bike frame. There was some sentimentality to the decision, as this was the first bike I ever saved up money for as well as gotten on my very own. Yet after starting in on the project, I kept coming down on myself for it not going the way I wanted it to, and also simply generally feeling out of my depth bringing such an old bike back to functioning order (it really did not also have wheels) prior to I can really even include the kit.

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As much as I would love to be able to resurrect that bike and tell individuals regarding just how I’m using old materials, I realized that I was really feeling daunted by the task and also maintained trying to find reasons to quit working on it. Cannot obtain the crank arms off?

After obtaining overwhelmed a couple of times (and after some gentle prodding from the Mrs.) I decided to simply buy a great used mtb from Craigslist.

It carried out in reality set me back $280 (after negotiations), yet in return I assume I got out of getting $100 in tools/parts and definitely conserved myself tension and time. Plus the new bike is an in far better shape than my 15 years of age framework. I’d certainly recommend beginning the task with a functional bike. If you can does that without getting a new/used bike, good on you. However you will not learn as well as expand if you make jobs like this so difficult that you will not complete them.

Converting Your Mtb into an E Bike

So, I began with a Trek 850 Mountain Bike. There truly wasn’t much I required to do to obtain the bike into riding form for myself; primarily in shape adjustments and bleeding the brake lines. This is my first bike with disc brakes and it was a little frightening to service them. YouTube to the rescue!

I did a lot of study beforehand, but ultimately ordered the Luna Cycle BBS02 set (in November). The package has the benefit of collaborating with most bikes. However, not all bikes coincide, so the set isn’t entirely complete. In fact, the kit itself does not feature any type of directions. I have actually done some basic bike upkeep in the previous though (replacing internal tubes, brake pads, making basic changes, etc.). If you’re not scared of obtaining a little filthy, planning ahead, making a couple of errors, and most importantly gaining from those mistakes, you can do this.

Removing the Bottom Brace

The initial and the majority of daunting, step were to eliminate the lower brace. This is the component of the bike that houses the bearings that enable the pedals to rotate easily. I had actually never messed with a lower bracket before this, yet again, the net was extremely useful.

This figure reveals one style of lower brace. There are a couple of different designs and the tools to remove them are a little different. A bike store neighboring permits you to use their devices if you bring your bike in and do the work yourself. So I saved myself $ 25 instead of buying a crank arm puller, a lower brace cleaner, as well as the anxiety of questioning whether I was buying the proper device. It may be worth talking to your regional bike shop (also if they will not allow you DIY in their store for free).

Mounting the BBSO2 Mid Drive Electric Motor Kit.

I seemed like a lot of the set was rather user-friendly, though I most definitely checked out a few tutorials such as this as well as this.

Mounting the Motor

The motor is held in place with a set of threaded rings along with a keeping plate that’s held back with two bolts (all those parts on the flooring in the photo over). The preserving plate needs to be set up level, so I required including a number of washers to the bolts to get the electric motor surface flush with the outer face of the bottom brace.

I had some problem getting the appropriate dimension (# 10 washers are too tiny for the bolts, but # 12 washers are too broad to associate the bolt holes). I ended up using 2 locking washing machines in addition to the six flat washing machines that included the set. The preserving plate needs to be mounted the correct way to ensure that the teeth attack into the framework of the bike. The stress on this plate is what maintains the electric motor from turning down into the ground!

I decided to deny the Luna wrench ($ 19 + shipping) and rather utilized a spanner wrench from our home brewing materials. This was most definitely not truly the ideal tool, however it sort of functioned. I ended up having to re-tighten it after the very first ride utilizing tools from the local bike store.

Getting Rid Of the Extra Weight

The kit changes the drive crank of the bike and also eliminates the need for the front derailleur/shifter. So I simply removed those. The package likewise includes brake levers that have sensors to connect with the best electric bike motor. This way the motor cuts out when the brakes are involved.

Making Hydraulic Brakes Compatible with the E Bike Sensors

Keep in mind how I was all delighted concerning the hydraulic brakes on the utilized bike? Well, they complicated things a little because the brakes that came with the kit just work with cord brakes.

Once more, the web supplied a service. I wound up getting a set of sensors from Luna Cycle. These sensing units are Hall switches that open/close if a magnet neighbors. You can glue/epoxy these to your brake bars to essentially develop your very own instead of the ones from the set. You just need to obtain them positioned appropriately.

Mounting the Display and Sensing units

I obtained the least expensive display with my kit (Bafang C961) which doesn’t reveal whether the brake is involved. So as opposed to simply checking out the display to validate I had the magnets in the ideal location I required to actually try to involve the electric motor with the throttle.

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