South Beach Smoke; The Thriving Of Electronic Cigarettes

The invention of electronic cigarettes made it easier for smokers to get rid of cigarettes with less toxic elements. While a recent study showed that electronic cigarettes may not be as innocuous as people used to think. The research pointed out that due to electronic cigarettes, a cocktail of toxic chemicals including carcinogens may be delivered into people’s lungs, moreover, it could make bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.

Several years ago, electronic cigarettes were designed to provide smokers with a chemical-free source of nicotine. E-cig manufacturers, like South Beach Smoke, claimed the device to be harmless because it burns nothing and releases no toxic smoke.

However, few attention was paid to the vaping in the last few years which led people to believe that electronic cigarettes are safe.

Nevertheless, after studying the vapor that people inhale from an electronic cigarette, a group of researchers found that its risks are more than people have imagined. Risks may be related to inflammation, asthma, diabetes, stroke as well as heart disease.

Electronic cigarettes owns rather high sales. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the sales of electronic cigarettes has far exceeded traditional cigarettes. Out of 5 smokers, at least one has once tried vaping.

According to data from 18 studies on the liquids used in electronic cigarettes, solvents are found dissolved in most of them; these solvents are also known as lung irritants which could then transform into more hazardous materials – carbonyls – which can be triggered by a higher temperature. It could really be a problem if such compounds make their way down into the lungs Discover More.

One researcher pointed out that the diameter of inhaled particles is approximately 200-300 nanometers which is right in line with conventional tobacco smoke. He added that the mass of particles in the vapors is about 3 milligrams per cubic meter of air, that is 100 times more than the 24-hour exposure limit for levels of fine air particles, set by the Environmental Protection Agency’s.

Researchers said except for nicotine and solvents, other chemicals could also be contained in vapors which hasn’t been confirmed harmless.

Moreover, vapors could also make dangerous germs even harder to kill. The reason is that the germs are protected by a thicker biofilm coating.

The researches may have put up some advises for smokers who intended to get rid of smoking by means of an electronic cigarette. E-cigarette may not be as innocuous as everybody imagined.


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